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26th International Congress of Vexillology

ICV26 is a meeting of the world's flag experts that was held in Sydney, Australia in September 2015. Vexillology is the study of flags and every two years vexillologists gather to share their interest and knowledge about flags. The International Congress of Vexillology is a week-long event that consists of lectures on a diverse range of flag topics, exhibitions, excursions to flag related sites and simply catching up with friends with a shared interest.

The International Federation of Vexillological Associations (which is usually referred to by its French initials: FIAV - Fédération Internationale des Associations Vexillologiques) invited Flags Australia to host the 26th International Congress. We were proud to welcome International and Australian vexillologists in 2015 and we believe that all who attended enjoyed their visit to Sydney, and had a gret experience at the flag conference.

Details of the Sydney Congress were set out in the dedicated ICV website at http://www.icv26.com.au. That website has now closed, but the original pages can be accessed through this website. Additional information on the ICV, including photographs, are in the process of being added.

To visit the ICV26 website pages click on image below:






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