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Current Issue of Crux Australis: Issue No. 128

The most recent issue of Crux Australis is No. 128 [Volume 31/4] issued for the period October - December 2018.

The contents are:

Vexillogistics (editorial)   Tony Burton

page 159

New Zealand's flag is older   ABC News Sydney page 160
Ensign red ...   Ralph GC Bartlett page 161
... and flags of gold   Tony Burton page 162
A golden flag for Australians?  

Ralph Kelly

page 163
Flags of the Cloth of Gold  


pages 164 - 165

One leg in front of the other: The Isle of Man's Triskelion - Part 2   Ralph GC Bartlett pages 166 - 176
Talkin' tough over the flag   Matthew Knott, Sydney Morning Herald pages 177 - 179
Trump's Crayons   Peter Stubley, The Independent pages 180 - 182
Flying the flag   Peter FitzSimons, Sydney Morning Herald page 183
The American flags on the moon   Jim Axelrod, CBS News pages 183 - 184
Designers' Corner: closing the circle:      
Colorado   Chris Young, FOTW pages 185
Commonwealth of Dominica - with parrot  

Tony Burton

pages 186 - 189

West Indies Federation: making waves  

Tony Burton

pages 190 - 191

Invictus Games Sydney October 2018   Ralph Kelly pages 192 - 193
Druze in the news  

Tony Burton

pages 194 -203

Flags Australia Annual Meeting, Newcastle 25 August 2018   photos by Ralph Kelly and Ralph Bartlett pages 204 -205
Vale Peter Markwick   Ralph Kelly pages 206 -207
Index: Crux Australis volume 31   Tony Burton pages 207 - 208


The two national blue ensigns of Australia and New Zealand continue to attract comment for their often-confusing similarity, especially in the context of remarks by the Acting Prime Minister across the Tasman, claiming that the Kiwi flag predates Australia’s. The claim was accurate, as the New Zealand flag design dates from 1870, and the earliest date that can be ascribed to the Australian flag is 3 September 1901. 

That story is further complicated by the popular use - until 1954 - in Australia of the red version of its 1903 formal promulgation. Although yellow ensigns are rare in the wider Commonwealth usage, many others might be considered as “cloths of gold “– gold as a symbol of prestige, and are portrayed in the flag recognition quiz. 

The second part of an article on the eccentric flag of the Isle of Man is followed by reports of flag eccentricities in Trump’s America, where patriotism seems often confused with flag waving.  In contrast, the black and gold banners of the 2018 Invictus Games, held this month in Sydney, reflect a genuine quality of patriotic empathy, placing respect for people before symbols.  

Such respect – and a test of moral government - is also shown by honouring promises made to minorities, no matter how small they might be, including the Druze in Israel.

Designers’ Corner concludes examination in earlier editions this year of flags whose designs feature a prominent circle.  A tableau illustrates some of the highlights of the Flags Australia annual meeting in Newcastle at the end of August. 

The Index covers all the flag topics published for 2018. 







Commentary by Tony Burton


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ICV13 Report


ICV13 Report


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