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Current Issue of Crux Australis: Issue No. 142

The most recent issue of Crux Australis is No. 142 [Volume 35/2] issued for the period April - June 2022.

The contents are:

Vexillogistics (editorial)   Tony Burton

page 55

ICV 26 Proceedings   ICV26 Organising Committee    page 56
Symbols of sovereignty - Ukraine  

Tony Burton

pages 57 - 69

Other flags of Ukrainian resistance   Tony Burton

pages 70 - 75

What is a tamga?   Tony Burton page 76
Moldova - Putin's next push?    Tony Burton page 77
Russia loses a stripe   Pjotr Sauer, The Guardian and Wikipedia pages 78 - 79
Flags blue and gold   Quiz pages 80 - 81
A nation in real distress?  

Cam Wilson, crikey.com.au

pages 82- 83
Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II   Tony Burton page 84
"Moving on": Jamaica tells Prince William it too wants to dump the Queen   Rob Harris, Sydney Morning Herald page 85
No sovereign Kanaky   Prianka Srinivasan, ABC News pages 86 - 89
Details of Aboriginal flag deal revealed  

Maeve Bannister, Canberra Times 

page 90
Aboriginal flag copyright deal "the best we could hope for"  

Matilda Marozzi, ABC Radio Melbourne 

pages 90 - 91
Protocols of flag display & Aboriginal flag   Ralph Kelly pages 91 - 92
Designers' Corner:      
Great South Land flag by Jeremy Matthews   various posts on Facebook pages 93 - 96
Tie me kangaroo down, sport   Max Aldred, Daily Mail page 97
Reuters logo   famouslogos.net, logorip.com and goodlogo.com page 98
Expo 2020 logo, Dubai   Nyree McFarlane, Whatson.ae  page 99
Dayton, Ohio reveals new flag   Sarah Bean, WDTN-TV pages 100 - 101
Lincoln, Nebraska   Nathan Brennan, KOLN-TV/1011now.com pages 101 - 102
Time for rebrand - Minnesota   Mike Cook, Minnesota Legislature pages 103 - 104


Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022 in what it euphemistically described as a “special military operation”. It was an unprovoked extension of a conflict that began in 2014 with Russia supporting separatists in two break-away areas in eastern Ukraine and it seized control of Crimea and annexed it.  Resistance by the Ukrainian military has been fierce and effective in the face of larger troop numbers, tanks, artillery and missiles, pushing back the initial invasion force near the capital Kyiv and northern Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky has gained worldwide recognition as the war-time leader using social media which has resulted in international support in the form of economic sanctions against Russia and the supply of essential military equipment.

The Ukrainian flag, with its simple design, has been central to the representation internationally of Ukraine’s sovereignty and defiance against Russia. It is displayed prominently in Zelensky’s broadcasts and numerous meetings with foreign leaders. The first article provides a detailed timeline of the history of Ukraine, particularly after independence was restored in 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Ukraine has experienced turbulence in both domestic politics and relations with Russia, as detailed in the timeline sourced from Reuters.

While a national flag is the primary symbol of a nation, Ukraine’s coat of arms and other emblems also represent national identity.  The Tryzub (trident) symbol was adopted by Ukraine in 1918 in the lesser and greater coats of arms.  The design has origins as early as 980 when it was used by a Kievan Rus ruler.  The blue and yellow flag was first displayed in Lviv in 1848, and adopted for the brief period of independence 1918 – 1920.  Another article describes other flags used by World War II partisans and the Azov Regiment, a right-wing paramilitary militia with controversial insignia.

Other articles in this issue mostly reproduce various media articles and some Facebook posts.  These cover a range of current themes including the revised Aboriginal copyright arrangements, the use of the Australian red ensign by anti-vax protestors, the Kanaky vote that rejected independence, another attempt at a national brand logo for Australia and new flag designs for two United States cities.





Commentary by Ralph Kelly

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ICV13 Report



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