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Crux Australis

Crux Australis is the journal of Flags Australia and is published quarterly. The first edition was issued in June 1984 and over 140 issues have been published since then. Crux Australis is the only authoritative flag publication in Australia, with articles about Australian and international flags and associated material.

There is a strong editorial independence with views on both sides of the Australian flag debate encouraged. The editors have been John Edwards (1984 - 1987), Ralph Bartlett (1988 - 1989) and Tony Burton (since 1990).

Contributions are welcome from both members and non-members. Complete articles are most welcome, but members are also invited to provide material that requires additional work and editing in order that the journal presents the widest possible range of interests and knowledge.

This website includes information on subscriptions, summary information on the current issue and a complete index of articles.

The journal's ISSN number is ISSN#0814-5008

See Current Issue for details of the current issue and Previous Issues for indexed contents of all issues of Crux Australis.



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