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Previous Issues of Crux Australis

Following is a complete listing of all issues of Crux Australis including all the major articles.  Minor "notes" and illustrations without text are not included. Issue 4 of each volume includes a full index of all flags and topics contained within individual articles.  Articles which do not have an identified author are credited to the editor at the time.  Pages in Issues 1-24 were numbered individually; for later issues, pages are numbered sequentially by volume.

Each of the state libraries in Australia subscribed to Crux Australis and all issues from No.1 are available in their reading rooms. Whilst several state libraries ended their subscriptions (as an economy measure), Flags Australia has restored availability of Crux Australis to the general public by providing complimentary subscriptions to the libraries.

All past issues of Crux Australis are available for sale by Flags Australia, though some early issues are only available as photocopies.

Article name    Author
Volume 36
Issue 148 The Flags Act 1953: search for a national flag   Ralph Kelly Australia - national flag
A republic promised   Tony Burton Australia - other
Boxing kangaroo   Michael Blakeney Australia - other
Pardon and a flag   Lorisene Lacanivalu & Thomas Wynne, Cook Islands News Cook Islands
  Blue ribbon: Minnesota gets a new flag with maximum efficiency   Tony Burton Minnesota
  Minnesota's new crowd-sourced state flag   Hunter Schwarz, fastcompany.com Minnesota
  Republican Minnesota state representative shares unfounded conspiracy theory   Richard Eberwein, heartlandsignal.com Minnesota
  Frequently asked questions on the new Minnesota flag   Deb Gaul, marshallindependent.com Minnesota
  Kuwait: right way up   Tony Burton Kuwait
 Issue 147 Cities of Tasmania     Ralph Kelly  Australia - states
 The ambiguities of orange    Tony Burton  Quiz
 The colour of purple    Ralph Kelly  flag design
 The startling purple and gold flag of     NAVA 48    Ralph Kelly flag design
   The Channel Islands and their best flag    Tony Burton  Channel Isands
   At cross purposes   Tony Burton Quiz 
   The flag man, Bruce Nicolls - a personal memoir    Ralph Bartlett Vexillologists - Profile 
   The Rainbow's promise    Tony Burton LGBTQIA flags 
   Vexillogisms: How many flag are enough?    Tony Burton  flag design
   Kyrgyzstan's new flag debuts in Bishkek   Catherine Putz, The Diplomat   Kyrgyzstan
  Hanging out more flags: the how and the why    Tony Burton  flag usage
   Parochial vexillology: Australia (and New Zealand and 4 others)    Tony Burton  Australia, New Zealand
 Issue 146  Charles III crowned King of Australia    Ralph Kelly  British Commonwealth
New Zealand Prime Minister has a view     Nick Perry, Associated Press  New Zealand
 RIP: Dinkum Kiwi Gerald Naughton 1956-2023    Ralph Kelly  Vexillologists - Profile
 A flag, but no calypso and clarification from a Bajan leader    David Comissiong, Barbados Today and Tony Burton  Barbados
   Martinique: Two failed flag competitions    Ralph Kelly  Martinique
   Royal standards of monarchies today    Tony Burton  Quiz
   Barotseland: a forgotten protectorate    Ralph Kelly  Zambia
   The beginner's guide to Formula- 1 flags    Mike Seymour, formula1.com flag usage - general 
   Vale: Commander Bruce Nicolls, RN, 1935-2023    Flag Institute  Vexillologists - Profile 
   Practical aspects of designing, making and flying flags    Bruce Nicolls  flag design
   Designers' Corner      
   New Utah flag foes holding hearings    Tim Vandenack, Standard Examiner  United States
  Ogden city council approves new flag     Rob Nielsen, Standard Examiner United States 
   Flag fever, in the end marketing: O for Orem    Tony Burton  United States
Issue 145 Boxing Kangaroo flag in an Irish sailing club   Conor Byrne, ABC Radio Darwin flag usage - Australia
Menace at the tennis: What the deuce? - It's love all   Tony Burton flag usage - Australia
Ukraine: a flagrant message    Ralph Bartlett Ukraine
Australians have no pride: Paul Keating   Tess Ikonomou, Canberra Times flag usage - Australia
Australia's elites "ashamed" of national flag   Sky News flag usage - Australia
Conniptions over a torn flag    Ralph Kelly flag usage - Australia
  Patriotism is more than flag waving, singing   Ray Clasen, News.press.com flag usage - Australia
  Flags Zigzag: Bahrain and Qatar   Tony Burton  Bahrain & Qatar
  Pernambuco: Not having a gay time   Tony Burton & Liam Coleman, MSN Metro Brazil
  Vale: Kevin Harrington 1934 - 2023   Ralph Kelly Vexillologists - Profile
  Gaily go lightly with flags   Tony Burton and Lucy Carroll & Christopher Harris, SMH LGBTQIA flags
  Designers' Corner      
  Bound for South Australia   Jeremy Matthews and Reddit. r/Adelaide Australia - New Flag Designs
  Honduras - azul terquesa   FOTW various Honduras
  Utah flag makeover official...   Tony Burton            United States 
  ...but some are not gruntled   Lindsay Aerts, KSL News Radio                   United States 
  What should be on the Massachusetts state flag?   Brittany Bowker, Boston Global United States 

Minnesota, Maybe

  Matthew Stolle, Post Bulletin United States 
  The most bizarre flag?   Tony Burton            United States 
  Bearing a book, a bear and other strange flags   Tony Burton   Quiz
  Scouts' honour   Ron Strachan & heritage.scouts.org.uk  Australia - other
Volume 35
Issue 144 End of an era: The symbols of monarchy - flags, seals and  cypher    Kate Nicholson, Huffington Post UK British Commonwealth
Niue gets its own cypher   Roman Klimeš, FOTW Niue
China's belt and road initiative divides the Pacific   Mong Palatino, Global Voice The Pacific
Solomon's Judgement   Tony Burton and FOTW Solomon Islands
Beyond the flags: History of the Solomon Islands   Britannica.com Solomon Islands
Bougainville   Ralph Kelly Bougainville
  Vanuatu   Tony Burton and Nasuven Enares Vanuatu
  ASSI - Australian South Sea Islanders   Tony Burton  ASSI
  The Pacific Islands Forum (PIF)   FOTW The Pacific
  The Pacific Community   FOTW The Pacific
  Flags of the Pacific Community   Tony Burton Quiz 
  The colour blue: history, science, facts   Dunn-Edwards Paints general interest
  Flags blue and white   Tony Burton Quiz 
  The earth flag   Wikipedia Other
  A new state flag for Utah?      
  A great seal, a poor flag   Tony Burton and John Hartvigsen United States 
  125th anniversary of statehood   Organization for a new Utah flag United States
  The people's view   Carter Williams, Deseret News United States

Design advances - with changes

  Ben Winslow, fox13now.com United States 
  Proposed Utah state flag designs are comic-book substitutes   Jim Neilson, The Salt Lake Tribunal United States
  Defender of current flag trots out irrelevant arguments   Woody Rainey, letter to The Salt Lake Tribunal United States
  At last a result   Ben Winslow, fox13now.com United States 
  A state seal is not the same as a state flag   Erik Nystul, letter to Deseret News United States
  Utah: analysis of a process   Tony Burton United States
Issue 143        
29th International Congress of Vexillology, Ljubljana, Slovenia   Tony Burton  Vexillology - ICV
Day of the Slovenian Flag  

Slovenian Government 

Slovenia's national symbols   Marko Poga?nik  Slovenia
Whose stripes are these?   Tony Burton Quiz 
  Australian Flags booklet    Ralph Kelly Book Review
  Recognising Eliza Ellen Russell, the forgotten seamstress   Tyrone Dalton, Fiona Parker & Kimberley Price, ABC Radio Central Victoria Australian Flag - History 
  It's your ABC - still waving at 90 years   Ralph G C Bartlett Australia - other
  Wearing the flag  

Ben Fordham, Radio 2GB and letters to the editor Sydney Morning Herald

Flag usage - Australia
  Caledonian Hotel Singleton ordered to remove flag from roof   Aidan Wondracz Daily Mail Flag usage - Australia
  Australia's elites are "ashamed" of the national flag   Andrew Bolt, Sky News Flag usage - Australia
  The Slovenian cosmogram   Marko Pogacnik  Slovenia
  Triglav, Plecnik and the evolution of the Slovenian coat of arms  

Aleksander Hribovšek

  Slovenia - Australia: mountains to climb  

Tony Burton 

Issue 142 ICV 26 Proceedings   ICV26 Organising Committee   Vexillology - ICV
Symbols of sovereignty - Ukraine  

Tony Burton 

Other flags of Ukrainian resitance   Tony Burton  Ukraine 
What is a tamga?   Tony Burton  Ukraine 
Moldova - Putin's next push?    Tony Burton Ukraine 
  Russia loses a stripe   Pjotr Sauer, The Guardian and Wikipedia Russia 
  Flags blue and gold   Tony Burton Quiz 
  A nation in real distress?  

Cam Wilson, crikey.com.au

Flag usage - Australia
  Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II   Tony Burton United Kingdom
  "Moving on": Jamaica tells Prince William it too wants to dump the Queen   Rob Harris, Sydney Morning Herald British Commonwealth 
  No sovereign Kanaky   Prianka Srinivasan, ABC News New Caledonia 
  Details of Aboriginal flag deal revealed  

Maeve Bannister, Canberra Times  

Australia - Indigenous
  Aboriginal flag copyright deal "the best we could hoope for"  

Matilda Marozzi, ABC Radio Melbourne  

Australia - Indigenous
  Protocols of flag display & Aboriginal flag   Ralph Kelly Australia - Indigenous
  Designers' Corner:      
  Great South Land flag by Jeremy Matthews   various posts on Facebook Australia - new flag designs 
  Tie me kangaroo down, sport   Max Aldred, Daily Mail Design - logos 
  Reuters logo   famouslogos.net, logorip.com and goodlogo.com Design - logos 
  Expo 2020 logo, Dubai   Nyree McFarlane, Whatson.ae   Design - logos 
  Dayton, Ohio reveals new flag   Sarah Bean, WDTN-TV United States 
  Lincoln, Nebraska   Nathan Brennan, KOLN-TV/1011now.com United States
  Time for rebrand - Minnesota   Mike Cook, Minnesota Legislature United States
Issue 141        
The importance of national symbols to national identity  

Jonathan Edwards

International - national identity
Macy Gray met with criticism, applause after suggesting a redesign of the American flag  

Marty Rosenblaum, Audacy

United States
A republic is born   Guy Faulconbridge and Brian Ellsworth, SMH Barbados
Republics and monarchies in the Caribbean   Tony Burton Quiz
Symbols of the Sikhs    Tony Burton International - religion
Review: Symbols of Australia - imagining a nation   Tony Burton Book review
We choose our history to suit who we are, but "the great Australian" silence is slowly being broken   Stan Grant, ABC News Australia - indigenous
  The Aboriginal flag - an appraisal  

Tony Burton

Australia - indigenous
  Changing the flag   SMH letters Australia - New Flag Debate
  Of golden soil and jewel sea: a flag   Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
  Macron does nuance   media and French Vexillology Society France
  Eureka flag use at violent demonstrations condemned by rebel's descendant, Ballarat MP   Christopher Testa, ABC Ballarat flag usage - Australia
  Public buildings told to fly the British flag to symbolize our independence!   "National Patriot" change.org Canada
Volume 34
Issue 140        
  John Vaughan OAM  

Ralph Kelly

Vexillologists - Profile
A heartfelt flag for the Empire  

Jennifer Ingall, ABC New England

British Commonwealth
Badges of the Dominions   Tony Burton British Commonwealth
An early Australian air force flag   Ralph Kelly and John Vaughan Australia - military
A symbol at cross-purposes   Anthony Galloway, The Age Australia - military
Afghanistan's many flags   Tony Burton Afghanistan
Kabul flag shop   Media reports Afghnistan
  Black, red and green  

Tony Burton

  Flagging the Caucasus   Tony Burton Caucasus
  Russia's periphery - Caucasus  

Frederick Corney, Chris Burks & Aaron Chivington

  The Aboriginal flag at fifty  

Ralph G.C. Bartlett

Australia - indigenous
  Black, red & yellow: unity and identity   Don Christopherson, Library and Archives NT Australia - indigenous
  Symbols of Australia: Imaging a Nation   NewSouth Publishing Book Review
  Designers' Corner:      
  Walla Walla has a flag?   Tony Burton flag design
  Better late than never? Olympic Games 2020 2021    Tony Burton Olympic Games
Issue 139        
RAAF 100  

Ralph Kelly

Australia - military
Indonesian Vexillology and Heraldry Association  

Steffan Axt, FOTW

Shropshire   Valentin Poposki, FOTW United Kingdom
Isle of Skye   David Fowler, FOTW United Kingdom
There's a boat on your flag!   Tony Burton flag design
Fire Rescue Victoria   Ralph Bartlett Victoria
Flags of fire   Tony Burton Quiz
  The ark stops here: Why Armenia is a paradigm  

Tony Burton

  Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce   Tony Burton flag design
  Why is it so difficult for Jamaica to become a republic?  

Donald Morgan, Jamaica Gleaner and FOTW(various contributors) 

  The hidden danger of the UK's flag obsession   Amit Katwala, wired.co.uk United Kingdom
  Union Flag to be flown on UK government buildings every day   Oliver Dowden, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport United Kingdom
Issue 138        
A royal banner of arms, Duke of Edinburgh  

Mike Oettle, FOTW

United Kingdom
A Capitol crime: Flags accessory to the fact  

Tony Burton

United States
Vexillology of hate... Decoding the flags and banners seen at the Capitol Hill insurrection  

Anne Quito and Amanda Shendruk, Quartz Media

United States
Yellow Gadsden Flag   Paul Bruski, The Conversation United States
Similar names, different flags   Tony Burton Quiz
The many flags of Myanmar   Tony Burton Myanmar
  Myanmar's ethnic groups join together to reject military rule   Tom Fawthrop, The Diplomat Myanmar
  The flags on the bridge 19th March 1932  

Tony Burton

Australian Flag - History 
  Parliament House puzzle   Elizabeth Kwan, Education Services Australia Australian Flag - History 
  Another red ensign: Another time, another world   Tony Burton Australian Flag - History & usage
  Black flags matter   Alex Cachinero-Gorman United States & United Kingdom
Issue 137        
Crux 137 Flagging the moment - a masquerade  

Tony Burton

flag usage - Australia
Flags and red faces  

Tony Burton

Australian Flag - History & usage
30th International Congress of Vexillology - Beijing 2023  

Zhao Xingfeng

Vexillology - ICV

Tears in the fabric of Aboriginal flag


Fiona Harari, Weekend Australian Magazine

Australia - indigenous
Liberal Senator calls for Aborignal flag to be on dislplay inside Parliament   Rob Harris, Sydney Morning Herald Australia - indigenous
Massachusetts waiting  

Rich Barlow, WBUR-FM

  Flags in Australian history   Tony Burton Quiz
  A flag on the island  

Tony Burton

Australia - New Flag Designs
  The emu war 1932   Wikipedia general interest
  War over pork and potatoes   Ben Johnson, Historic-UK.com general interest
  Trouble over oily waters   Tony Burton from various news reports Turkey
  Republic of Cyprus: "Neither brown, nor red, nor orange"  

Tony Burton

Volume 33
Issue 136        
Why a six-pointed star?  

Ralph Kelly

Australian Flag - History
A wandering star  

Channel 7 News and Tony Burton

New Zealand
Territory Rig  

Ron Strachan

Northern Territory

Aboriginal flag fight


Loena Allam,The Guardian & Rob Harris, SMH& Peta Credlin, Sunday Telegraph

Australia - indigenous
More colours of Africa   Tony Burton Quiz
  Mississippi state flag officially retired  

Courtney Ann Jackson, WMC 5 News & Sarah Fowler, Clarion Ledger & WBLT Digital (various media)

  Norway, no way? flag trolls   Jack Durschlag, Fox News Norway
  Vimple solution  

Rachel Greceo, Lansing State Journal

  Salt Lake City flag saga   Tony Burton United States - City flags
  Belarus and the last dictator in Europe   Tony Burton Belarus
  Barbados quits the Queen   Kishor Napier-Raman, www.crikey.com.au Barbados
  Suburban vexo with a flag for all seasons   Dan Dunkle, The Courier-Gazette, Maine Vexillologists - Profile
Issue 135        
On the Matterhorn  

ABC News

flag usage - International
Does the coronavirus crisis spell the end of the line for cruise ships?  

Freya Higgins-Desbiolles,The Conversation

flag usage - International
The Quarantine Flag  

Andrew Scorgie & FOTW

Australia - other & flag usage - International

Selling Taiwan flag masks in New Taipei


Keoni Everington,Taiwan News

flag usage - International
White flag signal of surrender but also, in Guatemala, of survival   Jeff Abbott, The Guardian & Stephanie Capper, ABC News flag usage - International
  The "Naztier" side of the pandemic  

Rhiannon Tuffield & Tyrone Dalton, ABC Shepparton

flag usage - Australia
  Red ensign at Shrine of Rembrance   Ralph Bartlett & Ralph Kelly Australia - other
  Why flags change  

Ralph Kelly

design - national flags
  Flags of Governors-General   Tony Burton British Commonwealth
  Wrong Union Jack   www.history.com/this-day-in-history United Kingdom
  A blue flag out of Africa: the real reason for change   Tony Burton South Africa
  Cecil Rhodes and a crucible of nations   Tony Burton Africa

Malawi election: new dawn over the lake

  Media report  Africa
  40 of the 54 flags of Africa   Tony Burton Quiz
  The flag(s) of Africa   Tony Burton / FOTW Africa
  Flagging Juneteenth   Harmeet Kaur, cnn.com United States
  Copyright fight brews over sale of Aboriginal flags   Michaela Whitbourn, Sydney Morning Herald & Daniel Cherny, Sydney Moning Herald Australia - indigenous
  Is the famous Australian Made kangaroo logo really changing?  

Emily Sakzewski, abc.net.au

Australia - national identity
Issue 134
Crux 134 Found in the attic - is it significant?   Tony Burton Australian Flag - History
From Poland, Solidarno??  

various media reports

Australia - other
Squashed Oz, happy Australia Day!  

Ralph Bartlett

Australia - other

Fall of the light: heraldic oddities in the Australian Star

  Tony Burton Australian Flag - History
RSL bans welcome to country, Aboriginal flag at Anzac Day, remembrance Day ceremonies in WA  

Rebecca Turner, ABC News

Australia - indigenous
  WA RSL backs down over ban on Aboriginal flag after public backlash  

Briana Shepherd, ABC News

Australia - indigenous
  Black, yellow and red   Tony Burton flag design
  Belgian royals greeted with German flag at official welcome in Canada   French Press Agency, www.dailysabah.com


  Here's a helpful suggestion, Belgium - How about getting a less confusing flag?   Tristan Hopper, National Post Belgium
  Belgian compromise?   Theun Okkerse, Vlag! no.7 Belgium
  Unable to change their own flag, New Zealand demands Australia change theirs   Tristan Hopper, National Post New Zealand
  Fifth flag not an option for referendum   Mathew Grocott, Manawatu Standard New Zealand
  Flag gaffs at Rio Olympics: Did organisers mix up our flag?   NZ Herald Olympic Games - Rio 20016
  China's flag of stars   Tony Burton flag design
  Cop shop cops the lot   Frank Chung, www.news.com.au China
  Brazil: a flag parody  

Albie Hartshill, matadornetwork.com

Olympic Games - Rio 20016
  Police investigate Malaysian flag gaffe  

Channel News Asia and Tony Burton

  Gaity reclaimed - a step further in flag design   Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
  Flags of inconvenience   Simon Allison, Mail & Guardian flag usage - International
  Flags of convenience   Tony Burton Quiz
  A flag for Carl Larson   Megan MacDonald and Tony Burton flag design
Issue 133        
The Australian flag: high time for a rethink?   LENS, Monash University Australia - National identity
Identity and the indigenous issue  

LENS, Monash University

Australia - indigenous
Aboriginal Arts and Culture Gallery  

Tony Burton

Australia - indigenous

Aboriginal flag row


Lorena Allam, The Guardian, media release by Minister Ken Wyatt and Tony Burton

Australia - indigenous
Under the southern stars  

Tony Burton and Michael Iacuone

Australia - New Flag Designs
The golden wattle flag  

Tony Burton and Jeremy Matthews

Australia - New Flag Designs
Bougainville: an aspiring nation   Ralph Kelly Bougainville
  Flags of the sun   Tony Burton Quiz
  Australian ensigns red handed down from history  

Tony Burton

Australian Flag - History
  From one red ensign to another (Hong Kong)  

Tony Burton

Hong Kong
  Hong Kong's flag was designed to be a symbol of unity   Oscar Holland, CNN Hong Kong
  Legendary Darwin flag man   Gabrielle Lyons, ABC Radio Darwin Vexillologists - Profile
Volume 32
Issue 132
Flags as homework   Malcolm Bourke Vexillologists - Profile

25th International Congress of Vexillology


based on reports to FOTW by Bruce Berry and Ralph Bartlett

Vexillology - ICV
Greenland and its flag not for sale ... yet  

Tony Burton 

The flag that could have been Greenland's  

Anton Pihl


How Fred Brownell designed South Africa's flag 


BBC News Magazine

South Africa
What the flag means  

Yolisa Mkele, Sunday Times, South Africa

South Africa
Hong Kong reads the stars  

Tony Burton

Hong Kong
"Not us": Push for a new ACT coat of arms gathers momentum   Dan Jervis-Bardy, Canberra Times ACT
  Wagga Wagga City Council   City of Wagga Wagga Australia - City flags
  City of Goulburn, NSW  

Jonathan Dixon and Tony Burton

Australia - City flags
  A waratah, not a lotus  

Tony Burton

  Is the waratah emblem about to be plucked?   Peter Hannam, Sydney Morning Herald NSW
  Topeka, Kansas   Greater Topeka Partnership and WIBW-TV United States - City flags
  Say it with flowers   Tony Burton Quiz
  Foundations of vexillology:      
  Aspects of flags 232   Tony Burton flag design
Issue 131
National Day, Sorry Day   Tony Burton Australia - indigenous
Designers' Corner:      
City of Adelaide reprise  


Australia - City flags
New coat of arms for ACT?  

Cassandra Morgan, Canberra Times


Dr Fred Brownell obituary 1930 - 2019


Bruce Berry, SAVA

Vexillologists - Profile
Sutherland County part 2: design lessons learnt  

Caroline McMorran, Northern Times, UK

  Golden guidelines in assessing flag designs  

Tony Burton, Vexillogistics

Flag design
  A flag for Martinique   Olivier Touzeau, FOTW Martinique
  Bahamian rhapsody   Tony Burton The Bahamas
  Sydney on a stick: flags at the 2019 Sydney Design Festival  


Australia - New Flag Designs
  Arts + Design: ethereal flags - Janet Echelman   Carly Alaimo, ideas.ted.com


  A brief guide to flags of Texas  

Tony Burton

  Lone Star flags  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz 
  New Mississippi flag proposal   Washington Post


  Burundi - from B to G: the flag moves to a new capital   Tony Burton Burundi
  Foundations of vexillology:      
  Who gets a state and why?   Stephen D. Krasner, Foreign Affairs National identity
Issue 130        
crix 130 Our city's flagging symbol   Craig Fauser, The Advertiser Australia - City flags
Prince Leonard leaves Hutt River  

Mark McGuinness, Sydney Morning Herald

Australia - other
Sutherland County, Scotland   www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news Scotland
Vale, Michael Faul 1943-2019  

Tony Burton

Vexillologists - Profile

Africa Suite:

  Uganda: a tale of two flags  

Tony Burton and other reports

  Insignia and flags of Uganda's traditional kingdoms  

Hubert-Herald and www.idtg.org

  Analysis of a process relating to the flag of Uganda and others  

Tony Burton

  Tanganyika and Tanzania   Tony Burton Tanzania
  Madagascar and Benin   Tony Burton Madagascar, Benin
  Flags of a feather  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz 
  The Republic of South Moluccas: Part 2: flag raised, still treasured  

Jos Poels

South Moluccas
  Indonesian police arrest 17 French fans in flag mix up   Barney Henderson, Telegraph, UK Indonesia, South Moluccas
Issue 129        
Crux 129 Raising the standard, leading the way?   Tony Burton  Australia - ANFA, Australian Flag - History
The white flags  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz 
Designers' Corner / curiosities:      
Armistice 1918 and flags in a circle   Flags Australia members Australia - other
  Writing on flags  

Tony Burton

  Making America great again - with 51 stars   Ralph Kelly and Tony Burton United States
  Flight Centre fake facts  

Tony Burton

  A million dollar flag?  

Tony Burton, based on a suggestion by Ron Strachan

  So near and yet so far - Republic of South Moluccas  

Tony Burton

Indonesia, South Moluccas
  The flag of South Moluccas - a symbol of resistance (part 1)   Jos Poels South Moluccas
  Patriotism and art:      
  Flags painterly   AskArt, www.askart.com Art
  Jasper's flag(s)  

Jason Farago, The New York Review of Books

  Art of Ab the Flag Man: patriotic wood turner  

Sheila Gibson Stoodley, The Hot Bid 

  The story behind TIME's "Beyond Hate" cover   Edward Felsenthal, TIME Magazine Art
  The flag of compassion  

Tony Burton

Volume 31
Issue 128        
New Zealand's flag is older   ABC News Sydney New Zealand, Australian Flag - History
Ensign red ...   Ralph GC Bartlett Australian Flag - History
... and flags of gold   Tony Burton  Other
A golden flag for Australians?  

Ralph Kelly 

Australian Flag - History
Flags of the Cloth of Gold  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz 
One leg in front of the other: The Isle of Man's Triskelion - Part 2   Ralph GC Bartlett Isle of Man
  Talkin' tough over the flag   Matthew Knott, Sydney Morning Herald

United States

  Trump's Crayons   Peter Stubley, The Independent United States
  Flying the flag   Peter FitzSimons, Sydney Morning Herald United States
  The American flags on the moon   Jim Axelrod, CBS News United States
  Designers' Corner: closing the circle:      
  Colorado   Chris Young, FOTW United States
  Commonwealth of Dominica - with parrot  

Tony Burton

  West Indies Federation: making waves  

Tony Burton

West Indies
  Invictus Games Sydney October 2018   Ralph Kelly Australia - sports
  Druze in the news  

Tony Burton

Israel, Syria, Lebanon
  Flags Australia Annual Meeting, Newcastle 25 August 2018   photos by Ralph Kelly and Ralph Bartlett Flags Australia
  Vale Peter Markwick   Ralph Kelly Vexillologists - Profile
Issue 127        
Crux 127 The red flag takes the biscuit   Tony Burton  Australia - other
Seeing red over the "wrong" ensign   Brendan Mounter, ABC Far North Queensland Australia - other
The flag myths of Polygon Wood   Tony Burton  Australia - military
The Governor's golden ensign  

Tony Burton 

Australia - other
Nowhere like Niue  

Tony Burton 

The Aboriginal Flag: a case study in vexillology   Tony Burton  Australia - indigenous
  The Aboriginal flag: symbolism, history and meaning   www.welcometocountry.org Australia - indigenous
  National flag is for all of us   Daily Telegraph, editorial Australia - indigenous
  The view from the hill   Nick Hose, ABC News Alice Springs Australia - indigenous
  Putting out more flags: change in Malaysia   Tony Burton Malaysia
  Violet, white and green: centenary of women's suffrage   Tony Burton United Kingdom
  Flag burning and power play   Tony Burton Israel
  Vexinoia: ignorance, credulity and paranoia  

Tony Burton and Elizabeth Licata, The Daily Meal

Flag Usage - International
  Flags in the round - part 2  

Tony Burton

Flag Quiz 
  eSwatini   Tony Burton Swaziland
  A Balkan salad: Four flags and name change for Macedonia  

Tony Burton

  One leg in front of the other: The Isle of Man's Triskelion - Part 1   Ralph GC Bartlett Isle of Man

Issue 126

Crux 126 Indigenous design avant-garde Colin Jones   Aboriginal Art Galleries Australia - indigenous
Flags in the round - part 1   Quiz Flag Quiz 
Ginan - the littlest star  

Liam Mannix, SMH

Australia - indigenous
The Southern Cross on Australian flags since 1870  

Tony Burton 

Australia - other
Historic Birdwood flag restored   Tony Burton  Australia - military
  "Australia not a country" - academic sacked   Elyse Wanshel, Huffington Post Australia - other
  Flagging the thin blue line   Tony Burton Australia - other
  ... and an Olympic blue   Ron Strachan Korea
  Flags in the factory   Tony Burton Australia - flag usage
  Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games   Ralph GC Bartlett Australia - sports
  Technicolour vomit: Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games logo   Jonathan Nolan, Coast Design Australia - sports
  A brash and gaudy splash  

Tony Burton

Australia - sports
  Ausflag: old flag for new  

Rose Brennan, Daily Telegraph

Australia - New Flag Designs
  Other designs on the (Australian) flag   ColeMercury and Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
  The Queen's personal standard in Australia (and elsewhere)  

Laura Tchilinguirian interviewing Ralph Bartlett, ABC Radio, Canberra

Australia - other
  Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge   www.cai.cam.ac.uk and Christopher Brooke, A History of Gonville and Caius College (extract) United Kingdom
  Ireland's flag at 170: fifteen facts  

Darragh Murphy, The Irish Times

  In a corner of Europe: Corsica and its course   Tony Burton Corsica
Issue 125 Identity:      
crux 125
Under two flags: Duality, reality and identity   Tony Burton Australia - national identity
Emblems of Identity: The pageantry of monarchy   Ralph Bartlett and Tony Burton Australia - other
Would a WAxit really happen?  

Jacob Kagi, ABC News

Western Australia
A question of identity  

Kazuo Ishiguro, When we were orphans (book extract)

National identity

George Megalogenis says Australia must embrace Eurasian future


Kim Jirik and Beverley O'Connor, ABC News

Australia - national identity

Blackbirding: Australia's history of luring, tricking and kidnapping acific Islanders

  Will Higginbotham, ABC News Australia - indigenous, ASSI
  Designers' Corner      
  Clancy's flag   Tony Burton  Australia - New Flag Designs
  Gary Graf's "Outback" flag   Tony Burton Australia - New Flag Designs
  Banking on the logos   Tony Burton Design - Logos
  Flags and emblems of unorthodox design   Tony Burton Flag Quiz 
  Guamanians and their flag   Jamie Grierson, The Guardian and Tony Burton Guam
  The nation state and the state of the nation  

Gerald Webster and Luna Garcia, AAG Center for Global Geography Education

design - national flags
  Kosovo - a design perspective  

Tony Burton

  Catalunya   media reports Catalonia
  Rot un wiss - Elsass/Alsace  

Tony Burton


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