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26th International Congress of Vexillology

ICV26 is a meeting of the world's flag experts that was held in Sydney, Australia in August / September 2015. Every two years vexillologists gather to share their interest and knowledge about flags. Flags Australia as host the 26th International Congress had looked forward to welcoming as many vexillologists as possible and and we hoped that all who take the time, effort and expense to come to Australia will enjoy their visit to Sydney. The organisers believe that ICV26 ranked highly in terms of the quality of the lectures, the opportunities to socialise and experience Sydney and Canberra. We had a high proportion of international companions, most of whom participatied in the ICV26 events and the three companion excursions. We also had a high proportion of Australians, most of whom had never had the opportunity to attend an ICV.

In the linked Excel spreadsheet ICV26 PARTICIPANTS LIST (revised FINAL).xlsx we have listed the names of persons who registered and paid to attend ICV26, together with registered accompanying persons. Note the Excel file may download into your Download folder or C:Drive rather than open automatically.

There were a total of 73 registered delegates from 25 nations, of which 46 were from overseas. There were 29 registered companions, of which 17 were from overseas.

Due to privacy reasons, we have not included the email address and phone contacts for the delegates. These are available to participants on request to Flags Australia (info@flagsaustralia.com.au).



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