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An Illustrated and Practical Guide to Flag Design

by Tony Burton

Public awareness and interest in the role especially of national flags has grown, yet the finer points of good flag design are largely unappreciated or even explored. This book seeks to redress that lack. It covers essential heraldic aspects, modified by practical considerations that apply specifically to flags as mobile artefacts, distinct from the graphic styles presented in Heraldry and today’s flat-screen images.

Flag design techniques are explained in detail and richly illustrated, with supplementary background on cross-cultural approaches to flag design and little-known facts about familiar flags.

This book is designed to encourage anyone of any age fascinated by the pageantry, beauty and significance of flags. They are part of our civic culture at home and are a colourful gateway to better understanding of other people and a world heritage we all share.

Topics explained include:

  • Chromatics
  • Dexter
  • Sinister
  • Cantons
  • Gyronny
  • Hoist
  • Counterchanging
  • Mon, Asafo and Palio
  • Heraldics
  • Stylizing
  • Proportions
  • Borders
  • Fimbtriation
  • Rotation
  • Orientation
  • Quarters

The book was published privately by the author in 2015. ISSN 2205-5738 and ISBN 978-0-9944210-9-8.

About the author:

Tony Burton is an internationally recognised vexillologist, having been awarded the honorific of Fellow of the Federation by FIAV, the international association of flag groups. Tony is also widely recognised as a vexillographer - a designer of flags. He designed the symbol and flag of Flags Australia, the flags of several international flag conferences and the flags for indigenous groups, including the flag adopted by the Australian South Sea Islanders. He has also designed numerous flag proposals for Australia, including designs that have won or been finalists in various flag design competitions. Since 1990, Tony Burton has been the editor of Crux Australis, the quarterly journal of Flags Australia, which has included numerous articles about flag designs and new flags and flag design proposals.

Tony Burton is a former President of Flags Australia, a member of the Australian Heraldry Society and various international flag associations. He has a keen interest in the principles and practice of flag design. He is well qualified to write about the principles and practicalities of flag design.


SALE OF Vexillogistics

Copies of Vexillogistics are available for sale through Flags Australia or direct from the author. The order form is set out below and it is also available as a PDF download (click here). The price is A$30, which includes postage within Australia. Please complete and post the Order Form to:

Flags Australia, PO Box 233, Milsons Point NSW 1565, Australia or

email to tonyburton@flagsaustralia.com.au

For Australians, payment may be made by cheque to A. Burton, or direct deposit to Flags Australia's bank account.  Internationally, payments can be made by PayPal to treasurer@flagsaustralia.com.au or an international bank draft in A$. Due to the high costs of processing, payment cannot be made by credit card without prior arrangements and a surcharge.




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